The task of the gripper is to capture the detail and keep it during transport, provide it with proper orientation, and then release it at the destination spot. The gripper is an integral part of the robot and is used to manipulate objects.
The gripper is made of a drive unit, drive transmission and gripping ends. The shape and parameters of individual assemblies depend on the material, the shape of the detail, the working environment and the application.


Destacker (elevator) is used to move pallets between different levels of automatic transport systems within the production line. Destacker is made of steel and it is equipped with pneumatic drive, linear guides and turning-block linkage mechanisms. The device is designed for high frequency operation.


Robotic cell provides a safe working environment, establish zones and limits access to hazardous places, it can also be part of the technological sequence if there is such a need. We produce our cells in a closed system or with the possibility of entering, for example, a horizontal conveyor into the interior.


The device is designed to automate the feeding process of the material for the forging process. It enables sorting and setting in a specific place with specified accuracy.

The electrical equipment of the device is adapted to supply three-phase alternating current with a voltage of 400V and 50Hz. The degree of protection of the electrical equipment against external factors is IP55, excluding the transformer in the housing. The level of noise emitted during proper operation of the device does not exceed the permissible level of 70dB (A).

The tube feeder consists of the following components:

  • Pipe storage,
  • Upper sorting mechanism,
  • Buffer
  • Lower sorting mechanism,
  • Positioning system,
  • Support structure.

It has been equipped with the following security devices:

  • System of covers restricting the access to movable parts of the machine,
  • Upper sort mechanism limit switch disconnecting its drive when opening the movable pipe magazine cover,
  • Loading magazine status sensor – when the level of overfilling of the upper loading magazine decreases to the level that threaten the prduction flow, the sensor activates the signal for the operator,
  • Lower buffer status sensor – when the backfill level falls to the required backfill, it will activate the upper backfill mechanism,
  • Upper buffer status sensor – when the number of tubes in the buffer reaches the required level, the sensor switches off the upper sorting mechanism


The base is used to attach the robot in the workplace in a way that does not cause any limitations or collisions. The construction has the appropriate stiffness, which ensures the correct positioning of the robot.


Various types of conveyors, such as a belt, plate and bucket conveyor, depending on the customer’s needs and the final application. The type of the conveyor is determined by the type of material being transported. Conveyors are modular devices with layouts that can be freely configured. We adapt the dimensions of the conveyor to the existing infrastructure.