Robotic cell provides a safe working environment, establish zones and limits access to hazardous places, it can also be part of the technological sequence if there is such a need. We produce our cells in a closed system or with the possibility of entering, for example, a horizontal conveyor into the interior.


The constructions are made of aluminum, stainless steel, black steel and composite. Proper selection of materials is one of the most important elements of the frame design process together with the implementation of appropriate strength calculations so that the frame meets the relevant requirements.

Our frames are used in electric vehicles (EV), where they form the basis for the construction of a lithium-ion battery. We make frames for electric scooters, electric cars and electric buses.

The appropriate frame manufacturing technology guarantees compliance with the strength and flammability requirements of the R100.02 Regulations. Our constructions meet water-tightness standards in the IP66 or IP67 class